In all the things I do in life I have always had a passion for a higher understanding of the human body and mind. Physical fitness is paramount to everything that happens in life.

The body and mind act as one and it is my belief that training should incorporate wellness in both of these areas of life. When our habits are stagnant and unmotivated the body suffers, as do the choices that we make in life. My personal journey did not start with a six pack of abs and a commitment to make physical activity a part of my life. I have personally experienced and recovered from physical injury (auto accident), PTSD (Calvary scout in the US Army), general depression, obesity (poor body composition) and general injuries that have plagued me throughout my life. Perhaps we can relate on a personal level and use movement as not only physical therapy but also as a way to heal our mental and spiritual issues as well. These issues have allowed me to share with my clients but also draw from my own experiences of what works and what doesn’t.

For me the iron bug hit so hard and as I began to see results there was no turning back for me. Picking things up and putting them down properly (deadlifting), how to lower my body without feeling my back tightening or feeling vulnerable (back squatting) and how to push and pull without injuring my neck, hips or shoulders (pressing and rowing) were the essentials for me to lead a life that was exciting and productive. The majority of my clients are people that are not necessarily always comfortable in a gym environment. That don’t necessarily have the body they have envisioned for themselves that may need some help losing weight, moving correctly and staying motivated to be in the gym. I can help. My rates are affordable and fair, my training knowledge comes with certification, years in the gym, a competitive background in powerlifting, strongman and bodybuilding. I work in an incredibly welcoming and positive environment and we find success here.

I invite you to allow me to be side-by-side with you on your journey to a stronger vision of yourself. I truly believe everyone has the ability to be stronger, more confident and be better every single day of their life. Let’s go on that journey together and see you become bigger, better and healthier then you are today.