Open Gym hours

Open Mon-Fri 6-8AM

Mon: 11am-2pm & 4pm-7:30pm
Tue: 4pm-7:30pm
Wed: 11am-2pm & 4pm-7:30pm
Thur: 4pm-7:30pm
Fri: 11am-2pm & 4am-7:30pm
Sat: 10am - noon
Sun: Closed

Class schedule

Mon: Noon & 5:30pm
Tue: 6am & 5:30pm
Wed: noon & 5:30
Thur: 6am & 5:30
Fri: noon & 5:30pm
Sat: 10am
Sun: Closed

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday:

Energetic workouts that involve multiple tools and varying intensity levels. Small groups and personalized attention in every class making it accessible for advanced to new level movers.

Tuesday and Thursday morning class:

10 minute warm up, 30 minutes of cardio/ conditioning 10 minute cool down. No advanced level lifting and designed to get you moving and ready for your day.

Tuesday and Thursday evening class:

Classic strength training development. Push, pull, squat, hips, spine and overhead movements. Small group upper and lower splits that accommodate those just off the couch to advanced level lifters.

Saturday Weekend warriors:

A bit of everything. Carry, lift, hold and row! This is a fun, simple and effective hour to start your weekend off right.

ART and Massages Therapy services

We are proud to offer ART (Active Release Technique) from Elite Spinal & Sports Care and NorCal strength coach Mitchell Custer. We also offer the following from both Mitchell and AJ Sanchez for your wellness and Maintenance needs.

ART Active Release Therapy
Deep tissue
Trigger point
Neurokinetic therapy