Bodytribe Strength Coach. FRC® Mobility Specialist. Onnit Academy Instructor. Physical Culture, Strength & Conditioning, Developmentally Disabled.

Physicality brings me to my senses. It took some time before that awareness became apparent to me. I come from a background of academics (living in my head), martial arts, and have even run the gamut of less than mindful and more injurious movements. I once leaned heavily against the pillars of immediacy and quick fixes, and ignored the nobility of failure. I wish I could be branded wise beyond my years but I’ve earned it with experience and toil (under the direct tutelage of Chip Conrad).

I have worked with athletes (who understand their roles and readily accept performance (and the consequent wear and tear) over longevity), coaches and gym owners, as I have worked with everyday athletes (whose priority is longevity and quality of life, of movement). I have also worked with persons with developmental disabilities for nearly two decades (coaching movement and facilitating independence).

My pursuit is not vainglorious: we can easily seek out the machinations of modernity – the magic pills, plastic surgeries, and visceral aesthetic platitudes. My pursuit is that of physicality, of health, of strength, of play, of freedom from the chains of superfluous pining for external conceit.

If you seek easy answers, go elsewhere. You must embrace the questions. If you wish to not do the work in the rest of your life (outside of the gym) – manage sleep, your relationship with food, corrective everyday posture, mitigate stress – don’t waste your time here. If you’re not willing to put in the effort and time, then don’t waste mine.

I lift, I move because I want to be a better person.

“Move and the way will open.” ~Zen Proverb”