I’ve been professionally training individuals since early 2015. Born and raised in Sacramento, I’ve been involved in athletics, in both individual and team, my entire life. Currently I possess certifications in both Personal Training and Nutrition. Additionally, I have also attended numerous professional workshops and seminars on the rehabilitation problematic joints.  My journey through professional fitness began at National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Sacramento.


As a young man I excelled in several different sports. Always playing one or more at a time; whether it is football, basketball, swimming, and/or water-polo; the importance of sports and the spirit of competition were hard wired early on. I am thankful to have had the ability to compete at high levels of these different sports, but I know enough that I didn’t get there on my own.


Once I stopped competing and the game nights began to slow down in number, I found myself in a familiar position; that being with an expanding waist line, low energy levels, and an expectance of my ever increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. With a sore knees and a tender back in my mid 20’s, I decided something needed to change. I wanted to permanently change my lifestyle and looked towards fitness as that avenue.


What I’ve learned in making incredible positive changes with my own levels of overall happiness and fitness in something that has not been lost. I look forward to assisting you in pushing yourself through the rough, and unleash your inner champion!