Open Gym and Sauna Hours

Open Mon-Sat

  • Mon: 6am -10pm
  • Tue: 6am-10pm
  • Wed: 6am -10pm
  • Thur: 6am-10pm
  • Fri: 6am -10pm
  • Sat: 6am-10pm
  • Sun: 6am – 10pm

Class schedule

  • Mon: noon & 5:30pm
  • Tue: noon & 5:30pm
  • Wed: noon & 5:30pm
  • Thur: 5:30 pm
  • Fri: noon & 5:30pm

Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday:

Class Times: Noon
It is a “get busy” group that sees a lot of strength based variations of both classic and dynamic lifts. Coaches, trainers, clients, and members all lift together on these days. All levels are welcome but you must be ready to lift, laugh, and work.

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday evening class:

Class Time: 5:30pm
These groups full of great people with fantastic effort and gym consistency. Welcoming and knowledgeable groups of 4-9 people per class. Members train alongside each other for 60 minute classes. Classic and dynamic lifting is our focus for these classes. We also use tempo and isometric training to accompany our core movements.

Tuesday and Thursday evening class:

Class Time: 5:30pm
A High movement and skill building class that lasts one busy hour. AMRAPS and EMOM’S a plenty during this class. Prehab and rehab movements are a focus as well as accurately targeting weaknesses in our movement patterns to restore wellness and strength. Fun and challenging these classes are built for every ability and cardio level.

ART and Massages Therapy services

We are proud to offer ART (Active Release Technique) from Elite Spinal & Sports Care and NorCal strength coach Mitchell Custer. We also offer the following from both Mitchell and AJ Sanchez for your wellness and Maintenance needs.

  • ART Active Release Therapy
  • Deep tissue
  • Athletic
  • Trigger point
  • Neurokinetic therapy
  • Restorative





Gym H0urs

Open Mon-Sun

Mon: 6am -10pm
Tue: 6am -10pm
Wed: 6am -10pm
Thur: 6am -10pm
Fri: 6am -10pm
Sat: 6am -10pm
Sun: 6am -10pm